Meet the Team

Jon Arens

AmeriCorps Volunteer

Why are you involved with Boys & Girls Club?

I serve the Boys and Girls Club so I may give back to the many teachers and educators that made me who I am today. I joined the club to do meaningful work during a time where any work is a privilege, and engaged service is a true gift. I’ve loved working with children my whole life, and serving somewhere where I could make a difference during the COVD-19 Pandemic was extremely important to me.

What path did you take to end up here?

My life as a full time student was completely upended by the COVD-19 Pandemic. Instead of continuing with distanced learning, I decided to serve one year with Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps. I heard about the club from my home city of St. Louis, Missouri, and was instantly drawn to Bend and the club. Two months later, I rode my trusty Toyota Corolla cross country with all worldly possessions, and have worked here ever since.

What is your favorite part about living in Central Oregon?

My favorite thing about Central Oregon is the diversity of land, and the attention a place so beautiful as Bend demands. On the weekends, you can find me wandering the backroads, looking for the secrets and adventure this country holds. I also love the perpetual presence of dogs in Bend.


Meet the Team