Meet the Team

Meredith Blunda Kersh

Program Committee Chair

Occupation: Director of Curriculum, Ivy Camps USA

Meredith grew up outside of Washington, DC and has had a passion for working with kids since her days as a camp counselor. She is a Wake Forest University graduate who is attending Harvard University to further her knowledge in the field of educational leadership. She is currently the Director of Curriculum at Ivy Camps USA, creating online enrichment programs for students around the world. Meredith co-founded RAISE Programs, which is an organization focused on bringing research-based, engaging social-emotional resources to parents in order to help them engage with their children. She was an elementary school teacher for over a decade, and has years of experience creating curriculum that kids love. Meredith strongly believes that we need to prepare kids for an unknown future by supporting them in developing ownership, connection, and creativity.

Meet the Team