Meet the Team

Derek Evans

Development Associate


Phone: (541)617-2877


Why are you involved with Boys & Girls Clubs?
I joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend to help create a healthy and safe space for the kids of Bend. After studying Sociology and Psychology at the University of Oregon, I knew that there was lots of work to do to build up our next generation of leaders, creatives, and individuals in Bend, and I wanted to do my part to ensure each and every kid have every opportunity to be their best selves.

What path did you take to end up here?
Since high school, I have worked with committees around the state to support the youth in our communities, focusing on developing leadership, resilience, and compassion within schools. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, I decided to take my passion for supporting youth development to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend to make a difference in our community. I continue to serve on multiple statewide boards, serving as a volunteer, advocate, and mentor to youth in and outside of our Clubs. It brings me joy and fulfillment knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of the leaders of tomorrow, and I am honored to have the opportunity to support such an amazing mission as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend.

W​hat ​is your favorite part about living in Central Oregon?

The scenery, the outdoors opportunities, the food, the people, and the community. Did I mention the food?

Meet the Team