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She Needs You Now More Than Ever

She Needs You More Than Ever

For 25 years our Clubs have stood squarely in the opportunity gap with local youth, encouraging them to imagine the unimaginable and work hard toward their goals. The milestone would have been celebrated in June, but instead we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. COVID-19 has brought countless challenges to our community, all of which have been felt more deeply by our Club families. So, while turning 25 is a huge achievement, we simply don’t have the luxury of celebrating. Right now, these kids need Club more than ever.

We have stepped up this school year by providing full day programs with comprehensive support services for youth while they navigate distance learning. 90% of the kids who attend our program receive need-based financial assistance. By waiving our program fees we have reduced income constraints for families living in poverty and enhanced their self-sufficiency.

Sasha and her Mom

Sascha and her mom had just fled a domestic violence situation before coming to Club. On her first day, she was exhibiting behavior that we commonly see in traumatized children. After weeks of using a trauma-informed care framework, our team created a stable environment for Sascha. Her outbursts had lessened and she had bonded with our staff. Sascha being in a safe and stable environment has reduced her mom’s stress, allowing her to focus on their recovery and finding a new home.

COVID-19 has severely impacted our program operations. To comply with social distancing guidelines and to offer robust academic support during distance learning, we have decreased the number of kids we enroll while increasing the number of staff on hand to serve them. With your support we can carry the rising costs and help these kids until schools reopen, however long that may take. Your donation ensures that we can prioritize our services for the youth who need Club the most.

We Got This


$100 DonationBuys arts, crafts and cleaning supplies to ensure kids have fun without spreading germs

$250 Donation Buys exciting new games and equipment that build social skills, self-control and teamwork

$500 Donation

Provides consistent mentoring and support from caring youth development professionals.

$1000 Donation

Provides a need-based scholarship during the school year and ensures local kids have access to our program

Donate Today To Secure Their Tomorrow